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10 Black and Silver Nails for Every Occasion and Season

Black and Silver Nails
Black and Silver Nails

10 Black and Silver Nails trends may come and go, but black and silver nails will always be in style.

Not only do these two colors look stylish when paired together, but the deepness of black and the illuminating effect of silver also create a beautiful contrast.

So it’s really no surprise why most of us are drawn to black and silver nails when we’re looking for a mani to wear to special occasions or when we want to look our best. 

What’s even better is this color combination can be versatile too. Apart from classic designs, these two colors are perfect for creating modern and intricate designs.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next manicure, here are black and silver nail designs that will fit every occasion and season. 

1. Quintessentially Goth

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These black nails with silver roses and chains are quintessentially goth. However, the round shape gives it more elegance, while the contrasting matte and glossy finish add a modern touch.

2. Celestial Haze

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If you like stargazing, you’ll love these almond-shaped black and silver nails. The marble art on each nail creates a dazzling effect made even more dreamy with the hand-painted moon, stars, dots, and leaves. 

3. Molten Metal

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Stand out with this silver and black nail design, which features a diffused silver dot with a spotlight-like appearance and molten metal lines on top of medium oval-shaped nails.

4. Elegance Personified

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The black and silver French tips on these nails are perfectly highlighted by their pointy shape. This manicure also has a modern flair thanks to the silver glitter and glossy black accent nails.

5. Short Black and Silver Nails 

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Who says short nails can’t look fancy? Even with a simple black and silver nail design like this one that features thick silver glitter lines on black blocks, you’ll still look super fashionable on a night out. 

6. All Thorned Out

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Thorns don’t typically go with a soft-girl aesthetic. However, they’re painted so precisely that they make these black and silver gel nails look rather romantic and dreamy.

7. Dark, Wintery Vibes

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Dark, wintery black and silver Christmas nails are perfect for your holiday festivities. There’s nothing more elegant than black nails with pristine snowflake nail art and silver chrome French tips. 

8. Everything All at Once

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Can’t decide on just one design? A long coffin nail shape has enough space for all the nail accouterments you desire! 

These unique black nails feature textured croc print, ombre, and silver chrome tips, along with snake, bunny, and heart-in-crown charms. 

9. Black and Silver Christmas Nails With Diamonds

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Christmas is the perfect time to pack on the bling! Glossy black nails create an elegant base for snowflake nail art and shiny silver rhinestones

10. Edgy Croc-Inspired Black and Silver Nails

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These black and silver nails will pair well with your favorite leather jacket. The cracked effect mimics crocodile print, making medium square nails look very cool and edgy. 

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